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NOTE: The Final 3 sessions of the Genesis Academy will be presenting online using an interactive platform called Zoom.  If you have not attended  before but are interested in attending these final sessions on your computer at home, please email me and I will send you the link to the Zoom session by Thursday morning each week.  Thank you.  Larry Gill   [email protected]

The Genesis Academy:

     We live in a time when opinion has taken precedence over facts.  And we are taught that scientific theory has far greater credibility than 2000 years of biblical truth and archaeological evidence.  At the center of this conflict is the story of Creation. In recent years, skeptical attacks on the Christian faith have been focused on the book of Genesis.  It is alarming to see a growing number of youth and adults who believe in the alleged ‘science’ of evolution, and who now consider the Bible’s history as nothing more than a collection of myths.

     And yet, the opposite is true. With an increasing amount of archaeological and biblical evidence being discovered, it is no longer intellectually possible to give support to evolutionary teachings.  Moreover, the effect that a century of teaching evolution theory has had on our culture is devastating, especially when you consider a growing sense of hopelessness that stalks our young people once they are taught that life is a biological accident and that no future exists beyond the grave.

     How do societies regulate morality when it continually changes according to ever changing human values?  Is there reliable evidence that points to the existence of God as Creator?  Is there evidence that the Great Flood, as recorded in the Book of Genesis, really occurred?  How do dinosaurs fit into a biblical timeline?

     These are just a few of the questions we will be tackling in this extended teaching series being presented here this coming January.  This brand-new DVD series comes complete with a STUDY GUIDE that is absolutely free, just like the course itself.  Our own Dr. Bill Gray will be facilitating the course along with our Associate Pastor Larry Gill.  Please contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in taking a peek, staying for a few sessions, or eagerly waiting to walk through all 12 sessions. With a minimum age set at 15 years old, we can manage a group of up to 30 teens, adults, and seniors. 

     Looking forward to you being with us!