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Is Peninsula Mission your home church?  Would you like to be listed in our online church directory?  The directory includes the names of your family members in attendance, your address, postal code, contact numbers, and email addresses, as well as a picture we will take of you or your family.  We will then post it to the directory which can then be accessed only by those who are also in the directory.  In addition to a printed copy that is updated once per year, you can now have an up-to-date file available on your home computer or as an app on your smart phone.  Those in the directory can then be contacted by simply pressing on their contact number or email address.  If you are using your smart phone and want to know how to get to the physical address, just select the address listed and it will take you to a Google map which locates the person's home and how to get there.  It's fast and easy and takes only a few minutes of your time.