On Sunday, December 3, 2006, Peninsula Mission Community Church conducted its first public service. Founded as a nondenominational church, its emphasis was on the basics of Christianity. The fledgling church began with a few families who were seeking a "grass-roots" ministry that was focused on evangelistic outreach and authentic community. Travis & Dixie Stewart helped craft the vision and provided pastoral leadership during its inception. Worship services were conducted in the RestHaven Seventh Day church building located in the beautiful seaside community of Sidney/North Saanich. 

In 2007, the "Mission" formalized its denominational affiliation with the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada. While seeking both mutual support and a shared vision with a larger community of like-minded churches, new ministry opportunities have evolved from this relationship. Some ministries like Safe-Water Haiti, First Nations Youth ministry, medical missions in Fiji and Young Life Canada were some of the key areas of ministry involvement during our early development. 

During those early days we saw our youth ministry grow and churh attendance increase. However, more important than numbers, programs, and structures, is the foundation for the spiritual life of Peninsula Mission Community Church that has been built. This foundation includes sound doctrine, spiritual leadership, and active service. We are convinced that God's legacy of faithfulness to us will continue in the future if we remain faithful to Him and His Word.