Travis Stewart
June 7, 2020
Travis Stewart


Hebrews 3:1-6
The Legacy of Christ's Humanity (Part 2)

Please note in every text in the book of Hebrews, no matter who is being addressed, the theme is always the absolute supremacy of Christ. If he talking to believers who are still hanging on to Judaism, he says, “You don’t need the rituals and traditions. Christ is sufficient.” If he is speaking with unbelievers who have had enough exposure to the gospel to be intellectually convinced, he is saying, “Come on, put your faith in him. Rest in Christ. He’s sufficient.” If he talking to the sceptical, unconvinced, non-believing Jews, he is offering the same message, “Christ is superior to your religious traditions. He is supreme. He is sufficient.” While the message is always the same, the rhetoric may be stated in different ways depending on the particular audience. In summary, the theme for the book of Hebrews is the perfect Christ, supreme, superior and all sufficient. We need nothing in addition to Jesus Christ.